Bootleg Tuesday

I’m a big Elvis Costello fan, there I admitted it. Personally I think the guy is a genius.

I refused to listen to him when I was a kid ‘cos all those ‘college wankers’ thought he was cool, and anything they liked I immediately hated. However, I listened to the albums from time to time and I had to admit the guy was the real deal.

My favorite period is that early one with the Attractions, what an incredibly tight band and the songs were blistering. And so I present to you an early show, recorded October 22, 1978, with the band in full swing.

It’s a really nice soundboard recording and here’s the set list:

Love Comes In Spurts
No Action
The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes
Blame It On Cain
The Beat
Dr. Luther’s Assistant
This Years Girl
I Don’t Want To Go To Chelsea
Less Than Zero
The Whole Wide World
Roadettes Song
Neat Neat Neat
Little Triggers
Radio Radio
You Belong To Me
Miracle Man

Go download it and spread the love.


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