So You Wanna Be On The Show?

You people that listen to the radio show live know that we encourage interaction through not only on this site, but email and of course instant messenger. Now if you didn’t know, our instant messenger name is scottfordradio and we are on AIM and throughout every show a slew of people instant message us and it’s a lot of fun.

So recently I thought it might be fun in lieu of phone lines to have people VOIP with us over instant messenger. What does that mean? It means you use your IM client to chat with us live on the air vocally. It could be fun, I’m willing to give it a spin.

If you want a chance to get on the air live with us, make sure your client has voice capability and of course that you have a mic. We’ll pick someone to play some games with us live on air, just message us with a chat request to have a chance.

Of course you people on Mac’s with iChat are good to go!


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