Odds and Sods

Well, my family returned home to England yesterday and I have to actually admit I’m sad to see them go. Never really knowing what it’s like to have a family I wasn’t sure what to expect, but in all honestly they are really great people and we had a wonderful time together. They’ll be back around Xmas so I’m looking forward to that. Thanks to all of you for your kind and encouraging words.

Apparently, in other news, it looks like I’ll finally be getting married to Bebe in December. It seems like 4 years of waiting is long enough for her and really I can’t blame her. It’s pretty rare to finds a girl that understands the life of a musician and accepts it, and even rarer that I let her boss me around. I spoke to my Dad about it (he’s the one in the picture wearing a dress, don’t ask) and he said that’s how it works and don’t try to fight it.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a very special bootleg and for those of you that are interested the Podcast is up from last week’s show.

Until then, here’s something weird to listen to.

MP3: The Rainbow Connection – Dixie Chicks


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