Bootleg Tuesday

There are a lot of Bowie bootlegs out there, as there should be, the man is amazing live. This however is probably one of the best. Recorded in Montreal in 1983 over a few nights, this is a superb recording from the Serious Moonlight tour.

I originally got this as a 3 CD package, and that’s how I’m uploading it. Here’s the track listing:

Disc One

Look Back in Anger
Scary Monsters
Rebel Rebel
What in the World
Life on mars?
Let’s Dance
Red Sales
China Girl

Disc 2

White Light White Heat
Station to Station
Ashes to Ashes
Space Oddity
Young Americans
Cat People
Rock’n Roll Star
Jean Genie
Can’t Explain
Modern Love

Disc 3

Look Back in Anger
Breakin’ Glass
Golden Years
Let’s Dance
Space Oddity
Young Americans
TVC 15
Modern Love

Download the entire collection here while it lasts. Want a little taster? Check out below.

MP3: David Bowie Live – Ashes To Ashes


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