My Guest This Week – Hal Masonberg

You may not know director Hal Masonberg, but you will after this Thursday’s show. Hal wrote and directed a great horror film called The Plague, which was then subsequently ripped from his hands by the studio and bastardized. Welcome to Hollywood where they’ll promise you everything and then fuck you without as much as buying you dinner first.

This is from Hal’s website:

After 8 years trying to get his film made, Writer/Director Hal Masonberg did, only to have it taken from him in post and recut almost beyond recognition. But that didn’t stop him from finishing it anyway! Now he’s started a grassroots internet campaign to get the film’s distributor, Screen Gems, to release his cut which he completed on his laptop. He’s even made a documentary interviewing several cast members, film authors/journalists about their desire to see this cut released.

You can read more about it at

All you aspiring film makers might want to tune in this week to see what life on the inside of Hollywood is really like. And we’ll be playing Rock Band Anagram. Sweet!

MP3: Money – Pink Floyd


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