Bootleg Tuesday

I have seen a lot of concerts in my life, a lot, and the best show I have ever experienced hands down is Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros at the Troubadour is Hollywood, CA in 1999. I can’t explain how grateful I was to Joe for playing Clash songs during his set and for the incredible passion in the band.

And so I present to you, for that tour, Joe and the boys at the TLA in Philly, 1999. It’s a great show and Strummer is in fine form throughout. Here’s the tracklisting:

Shouting Street
Diggin’ The New
X-Ray Style
Rock The Casbah
Ishen/Brand New Cadillac
Tony Adams
Trash City
The Road To Rock n’ Roll
White Man in Hammersmith Palais
Safe European Home
Yalla Yalla
Rudie Can’t Fail
London Calling
Pressure Drop
Tommy Gun
Island Hopping
Forbidden City
Junco Partner
Straight To Hell
I Fought The Law
White Riot

Download the show here while it lasts. Enjoy, and thank you Joe for all you did.


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