Summer Camp at Little Radio

This Sunday, June 3rd, I’ll be DJ’ing Little Radio’s Summer Camp here in downtown Los Angeles from 3-6pm.

The event starts at noon and runs till 6pm and really shouldn’t be missed. Seriously, what else do you have to do on a Sunday?

In addition to me spinning tunes (as if that wasn’t enough), there’s water slides, BBQ’s and tons of booze. Did I mention the booze?

But wait that’s not all. If you act now you’ll also get to see live performances by The Willowz, The Pity Party and The Western States Motel.

Yep that’s right, booze, bands, chicks in bikinis, dogs that lick their own balls, clowns, midgets and a horse that talks.

So head on down to:

1218 Long Beach Ave., Los Angeles, CA. 90021

If you need directions feel free to click here.

Bring your finest threads, unless you are a girl then please feel free to wear next to nothing. I’ll see you all on Sunday. By the way, it’s totally FREE.


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