Get Ready For Tomorrow

Tomorrow promises to be a great show and it’s jam-packed full of content for your aural pleasure. My friend Chris will be co-hosting the show with me tomorrow so be prepared for lots of southern humor. Lord help us all.

My guest will be Martyn Lenoble and I’m really excited to sit down and talk with him about all the people we hate in the music industry. Sorry, I mean his new album.

We’ll be playing a bunch of games including ‘TV Theme Songs of the 70’s, 80’s and Possibly 90’s‘, ‘Rolling Stones Trivia‘ and ‘What The Hell Is That Led Zep Song?

Of course in between all that we’ll play a ton of great music and reveal the 2 final contestants in the ‘Win A Date With Gwen‘ contest.

And for those of you that have trouble reading, here’s the new link to download the Twilight Singers show I posted yesterday.

So don’t miss it, tune in at Little Radio or do as my girlfriend does and use iTunes and remember if you are listening at work you may not want your boss to hear it. Or maybe you do…


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