Sunday New Music Show

Thanks for listening today, here’s a tracklist of the new songs we played. If you enjoyed them please go buy them and support musicians.

1. Deepest Shade – Mark Lanegan
2. Young Girls – Black Joe Lewis
3. Out Yonder – Eastbound jesus
4. Tiderays – Volcano Choir
5. What Goes Boom – Pixies
6. Norrebro – The Kissaway Trail
7. Nobody Gives a Damn About Songs Anymore – John Moreland
8. There Goes Our Love Again – White Lies
9. Love Illumination – Franz Ferdinand
10. It Was My Season – Okkervil River
11. Personal Riot – Brutus


Greg Dulli to Co-host Next Saturday

Greg Dulli and I will be hosting a very special show in remembrance of Renee next Saturday, August 24th, on the pirate radio stream.

The show will start at 1pm PST and you can join in. If you have questions for Greg you can leave them in the comments section of this post. Also a lucky few will be live on air with us via Skype.

Please let your friends know and be advised that only the first 125 people that tune in will be able to listen live.

Update: The stream is up and running, playing Renee’s favorite artists, and it will remain so through the duration of the show tomorrow.

Live Show Friday!!

We are dusting off the mic’s and sharpening our disdain for just about anything politically correct, for the show on Friday. We will be live on air at 1pm PST, that’s 4pm EST and I think either 8 or 9pm GMT. That’s a lot of fucking time zones.

If you want to interact with us during the show, and I hope you do, you can do it the following ways:

1. Use the chat link over there on the right, and join the official chat room.
2. Skype with us at fordradio.

If we get people Skyping in we will play some games, so don’t be shy. God bless us all!!

How to Tune Into the Stream

OK folks, I’m going to make this as painless as possible. There are two ways to tune into the pirate radio stream, one is easy, and the other is even easier.

1. Go to and listen on the embedded flash player.

2. Open up iTunes, or whatever streaming app you use, and open the following URL:

Seriously, anyone can do this. If you can’t hear anything, make sure to look at the stream status up there in the top right hand corner and make sure the stream is up.